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Frequently asked questions

What happens with the stuff we get rid of?

There are many options for disposing the items you will be decluttering from your space.  We can donate it, consign it (locally or online) or recycle it.  I work with you to decide on the best option, based on my knowledge.  There are cases where items need to be trashed and as much as it hurts, there is an upside!  Many of my clients find that experiencing this guilt causes them to be a more conscious consumer in the future.  Stopping the cycle of buying and storing items that you now know you don’t need will save money and environmental damage in the long run. 

Do I clean up before you come over?

No need to clean or organize before our session.  I can better see how you use your space and belongings if you leave the area as it normally is.  I understand that you may feel embarassed, but you can be assured that there is no judgement from me.  Clutter and chaos are normal for most homes and I am happy to help you overcome your challenges, so that you no longer feel that embarassment.  As a Professional Member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, I am bound by a code of ethics and confidentiality is of utmost importance.  

How do I get supplies for my organizing project?

At the start of the project, we won’t know what supplies are needed.  The first step when organizing is sorting and decluttering.  Once we know how many things you end up keeping, then we’ll decide if you need any supplies to organize.  I am a big fan of using what you already have, but if you would like new containers or organizational systems, I am happy to put together recommendations of items to purchase.  

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