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I often get asked how long it takes to declutter and organize a space and my answer is that it varies.  So much depends on how many items are in the space and the speed at which you feel comfortable working.  You will see in the description of each session below what I recommend, but your specific project may differ.  I can give you a more accurate time estimate once we've talked and I've seen your space.  What I can guarantee is that no time is wasted!  Say that you book me for 3 hours and we finish the space in 2... I would suggest that we keep rolling and start to tackle another area!
All services include:
  • A free phone consultation or in person consultation for larger projects.

  • Suggestions for organizing supplies and links to where you can purchase.

  • Training and education for long-term maintenance.

Gift certificates are available.

Virtual organizing sessions are available, via Facetime or Zoom.  


One Session
(3 Hours)

Ideal for organizing one area in  your home such as, closets, bathroom, kitchen pantry and cabinets. Can also be used for an organizational training session.


kids bedroom

Two Sessions
(3 Hours Each)

Ideal for organizing one to two rooms - bathroom, bedroom, living room, and/or kitchen.

$150 per session

Modern Dining Room

Three or More Sessions
(3 Hours Each)

Ideal for organizing and decluttering larger spaces (storage rooms, basement or garages) or multiple spaces. 

$135 per session