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I often get asked how long it takes to declutter and organize a space and my answer is that it varies.  So much depends on how many items are in the space and the speed at which you feel comfortable working.  What I can guarantee is that no time is wasted!  Say that you book me for 4 hours and we finish the space in 3... I would suggest that we keep rolling and start to tackle another area!
All services include:
  • A free phone consultation.

  • Suggestions for organizing supplies and links to where you can purchase.

  • Training and education for long-term maintenance.

Session hours:  Monday - Friday 8am - 1:30pm

kids bedroom

30-60 minutes

Initial, one-time consult in person. We discuss your areas of concern, go over the process, and I will take photos and measurements.


Modern Dining Room

Four Hour Session

In each session we will sort, declutter, and organize.  I will share specific ways to maintain, so that the area stays organized long-term.

$280 per session


Virtual Session
(90 Minutes)

I connect with you via Facetime or Zoom and walk you through the process of decluttering and organizing in your space. You will receive a follow up email with links for products, if needed.


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