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"Thank you for your kindness and encouragement during a difficult transition in my life.  I was holding onto so much stuff and you gave me permission to let it go while helping me sort and organize all of the stuff I wanted to keep. There was so much freeing power in letting go of the physical stuff that it allowed me to let go of the emotional baggage too. " - JL


"I feel like I lost weight... a lot of it!  And I guess my house did, in fact, lose weight considering how many things we were able to donate or dispose of.  I would recommend you to anyone.  You were professional and didn't judge how messy our home was.  But now I have no need to scramble every time someone comes over.  I'm happy to show off my clutter free home.  Thank you, Ashley! " - MK


"I can't tell you how good it feels to open my pantry.  Who would've thought that cleaning out the old and organizing would be so good for my soul.  My son opened the pantry this morning and said "wow, mom, this looks really good in here." I've already started to make my list of areas to tackle next. My linen closet is jealous of my pantry.  I see the potential and how freeing it feels. Thanks for being my coach-therapist-organizer extraordinaire.  Looking forward to living simply and less cluttered." - SS


"I can't thank you enough for the guidance you have been giving me and the things you have taught me.  I feel like I am making progress in my life that I was never consistently making before this." -JO

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